Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun with Alpaca

Cable Hat

I have wanted to try a few new different types of yarn other than the usual wool and cotton I have been using lately. 

When I had birthday money to spend in September I bought some wonderful Alpaca for a hat for myself and some Alpaca silk blend for a scarf for my friend.  The hat is a wonderful cable pattern I especially like the view from the top it looks like a star.  I finished this last week just in time for our very early snow.  It was so nice to have a warm hat to wear in the morning.  Now all that wonderful snow is melting and I am wishing it would snow again so I can continue to wear my hat without looking out of season.

Wedge Vertical Stripe Scarf
The scarf for my friend was a scarf pattern she picked out from Knitting New Scarves
It was a bit of a challenge because it was a wedge and had to work short rows that I am not familiar with and she wanted it a bit longer and I had to do math (not my strong suit).  I do think it turned out alright and she loved it so that is all that matters.

What kind of things are you working during all this cold weather?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sock Knitting.... and other updates


Back in January I said that by the end of the year I would make 22 pairs of socks or die trying.  The time has come and my last birthday is is coming up at the end of December.  Did I make it?  Do I still have the use of my fingers?  Was I crazy to try and attempt it?  Will I ever do it again?

I am sitting here typing so I did not die and since I am also able to type I do still have the use of my fingers. Am I crazy well that is still to be determined even though my hubby says I was crazy a long time ago.  I will never do that again!  I promise you that.  If I do something similar it will be for just one side of the family at a time not both sides.  I did finish although a few people in the 3 months of hell did get their socks a week late they were still happy to get them later.  It was the most terrible thing I could think of to go to a birthday party without a present and just a card and a promise to give them their gift next week.  The other sad part is our back-up hard drive crashed and burned and I lost over half of the pictures of the socks so I only have a handful of pictures to show for all my hard work.   It is done and not need to dwell on it.

Doctor Who Scarf FinishedMy next obsession has been Doctor Who.  Our friends told us to start watching the new series and man I am hooked!  I have started to watch all of the old ones one by one and reading about the ones that the episodes were lost.  I have gone nuts for a Sci-Fi show and I never go nuts over Sci-Fi shows I really could take them or leave them but something about this show makes me crazy for it.

So crazy that when a friend asked me to make him a Doctor Who Scarf I quickly said yes without realizing it is a huge scarf and so crazy big it is not even funny.  Luckily he asked for a Season 14 scarf and that is the shortest scarf there is.  I was able to finish it is in 16 days I was quite surprised but once I got started I had to finish it was lots of fun with all of the color changes. To give you an idea how big this scarf is he is 6'1".

Doctor who Season 12Now before I made this scarf for a friend I asked Brian 3 separate times if he wanted a scarf he defiantly said no three times.  With that I felt confident to start making a scarf for our friend and as I progressed Brian kept looking longingly at the scarf and saying how cool the scarf was how he would like one and why was I not making him one. 

I was like really you told me no three times... He sheepishly said no I never said that and he knows I was right.  I told him I already promised this one so he would get the next one.  So after I finished the first scarf at the end of September I went right in to work on this scarf.  This scarf took a bit longer because I actually started on it and figured out I would not have enough yarn so I had to order more which would not be a problem except that two colors were discontinued.  I am like really I have already started and knit a huge chunk.  To make this long story a bit shorter I had to pull out all that I started because I needed to get a different color for the tan and then I went about to start again.  This one is a Season 12 the original scarf and longer than Season 14.  Brian is 6'4" so you can see how much longer it is.  The real crazy thing is that I plan to make two more.  One for our Friends Wife (my best friend) and myself. 

See me being crazy is still to be decided.  That is just a small amount of what I have been up to since my break.  I will write a bit more once I get the pictures uploaded.  Oh I also got a new scanner so I should have more patterns to scan soon.

What have you been up to this fall?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking a Break....

I know that is seems obvious that I am taking a break from blogging already but I thought I would make it official.  Life has started to get so busy I barely have time to stay at home and enjoy all my hobbies much less blog about them.  I will be back in early November.  Please check back hopefully there will be lots to share by then.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun!

Summer is always a time to feel free and have fun so after wanting my nose pierced for over 10 years I finally did it. I got it done 3 weeks ago and I still like it.  Sorry for the funky shot it is really hard to take a picture of your own nose.

What do you think?


P.S. Thank you all for your kind words about Copper they mean a lot.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saying Goodbye....

I do not talk much about personal things on my blog. I normally just post my embroidery or knitting like lately.

One of the main my crafting tools is my Pup Copper. She is a wonderful Bassett Hound that used to sit in my lap while I embroidered and as she got older sat under my feet so I could rub her belly as I embroidered or knitted and feed her apples or carrots. Always whining after I stopped or slump over so if I moved she would know about it and ask for more food. She is always so much fun.

After 12 long wonderful years of having her in our life we have had to say goodbye. She has gotten sicker the last year and we had to make that one horrible decision that you hope you never have to make and she is no longer with us. I will miss my best crafting buddy in the world.

Thank you all for letting me share a bit about her.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The WorkBasket November and December 1954

The Workbasket November 1954 - South Seas Boy

Time sure has flown by.  With school coming to an end my life got so busy I did not have time to load any patterns up so today you get the last two in the WorkBasket 1954 doll series.  November is South Seas Boy and December is the Eskimo Boy.  My favorite is the South Seas one it reminds me of watching Elvis movies when I was little.
The WorkBasket December 1954 - Eskimo BoyNow that school is over and end of year concerts and lock-ins are over I can blog to my hearts content or until we head out on a camping trip.


Friday, May 7, 2010

The Workbasket September 1957 - Lapland Boy

Lapland Boy is the tenth doll in the twelve doll series for The Workbasket 1954.  According to the little story he is trying to catch Reindeer.  How cool is that.  Poor guy does not have a name.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Granny Square Rings

Granny Square Ring
These were kind of fun to make. I was inspired by kootoyoo when I saw her ring on feeling stitchy when she was showing us her favorite embroidery book.  I tried to get it out of my head because I did not need another project to obsess about.  Since I am the way I am I had to make one I could not shake it. 

My first one as you can see on the far right was huge and would not be right and the embroidery floss was a bit wonky.  I decided to try to use pearl floss and it worked like a dream.  You can also use #10 crochet thread too, it works wonderful. I have tons of that from my Great-Grandma.  I used a size 8 crochet hook 1.5mm and size 8 embroider floss.  Then I just followed regular granny square instructions.

My second oldest niece has asked for one of her own.  She wants it to be red, yellow and green.  So I will see what I can come up that does not look like a stop light. 

Do you ever get like that and you have to finish something before you can work on anything else?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Workbasket September 1957 - Miss Portugal "Inez"

This is a Miss Portugal. She is the ninth doll in the twelve doll series for The Workbasket 1954. Either she is doing martial arts or she is dancing.  Her name is Inez.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Workbasket June 1954 - Miss Norway "Sigrid"

The Workbasket August 1954 - Miss Norway "Sigrid"

This is a Miss Norway. She is the eighth doll in the twelve doll series for The Workbasket 1954.  I think her hat looks a bit like a chef's hat at first glance.  Her name is Sigrid


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last Minute Socks

I have finished another pair of socks but these almost did not get done.  As usual I left them up to the last minute and by Friday of last week I had not even started the socks for my Brother.  I was not stressing I still have 4 days to finish the socks. So on Friday I decided to figure out how to make a granny square ring (there will be another post on that next week).

I was having fun enjoying watching movies on Netflix and crocheting when my Brother calls to tell me he moved the party up by one day.  What!?!  Yes, you heard me he moved the party to Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  Did he not realize how important that extra day was, how come having my parents there was so important I need that extra day.  Some people are so inconsiderate.  Geez!

After a knitting marathon weekend and sore wrists and fingers I finished the socks on Tuesday on my lunch break.  Yes, I was running that late.  I am not a fast knitter and after last weekend I was kind of wishing I was or at least had superhuman speed so I could knit in seconds.  I think that would be pretty cool but then again if I did them so fast I go broke because I could never keep up with yarn purchases.  Until then I guess I will just enjoy the process and give myself more time.

What kind of super powers do you wish you had?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anchors Away!

Back in August I finished knitting up Mr. Foster all the clothes I have had for him were his pajamas and his robe.  I felt so bad that I bought the Monkey Business kit that has three other outfits for him.  I have had this kit since early October last year.  I finally got around to knitting him is very own sailor outfit I am wishing I had done it earlier.  He looks so cute in his hat. 

Brian is pretty happy since Mr. Foster belongs to him.  Now Brian is asking when the other two outfits will get done and when I am going to make him his girlfriend.  Yes they had a kit for Carmen Banana a girlfriend for Mr. Foster and I bought it.  I will take his other outfits with me when we go camping in May.  How appropriate he is in a sailor outfit since we will be going to the beach. 

Do you have any other ideas for an outfit for Mr. Foster (B.A. for short)?


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Workbasket June 1954 - Bolivian Girl

This is a Bolivian Girl. She is the seventh doll in the twelve doll series for The Workbasket 1954.  Her shawl is very pretty but her doll is very scary looking. 

I find it a bit sad that was not named.  Any ideas on a good name for her?


Friday, April 9, 2010

The Workbasket June 1954 - Greek Boy "Vasilios"

This is Vasilios the Greek Boy.   He is the sixth doll in the 12 doll series for The Workbasket 1954.  I love the detailing on his jacket. 

I thought I had all of the months for 1954 but I am missing May.  So if anyone has May 1954 please share it and let me know.  I would love to know what that doll is.

Has anyone stitched these up yet?

{Thank you for your patience while I took so long to scan this.  I have now scanned all of them so it will not be a future problem.}

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This tote has a little story attached to it.  Brian love almost any kind of music. He is always listening to it on the computer and I think he has a bit of ADD sometimes.  He will listen to a song for the first half and then go on to the next.  It drives me insane!  I have learned to tune it out and but anytime he plays the White Stripes we have to listen to the whole song.

I had never heard of the White Stripes until we got married and the first time I heard them Brian is like these are just two people. I was really you are kidding right? He was right of course like always.  So for a short period of time he kept telling me these are just two people.  So now anytime we hear the White Stripes we both look at each other and shout TWO PEOPLE!!  So I decided that I needed to make a tote with two instruments and make them look like the White Stripes instruments.  Well as close as I can get.

I really like how the drums turned out.  I used gold metallic floss for the cymbals and silver metallic floss for the drum stands and all around the drums. It has been hard to capture the shine of the floss. I will just tell you it looks cool. Well I think so at least.

Now  I need to find a cool fabric for the lining. Any suggestions?


The pattern is Sublime Stitching Rock 'n Roll.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Workbasket April 1954 - Dutch Boy Marcus "Max"

This is the fourth doll in their 12 doll series. He is very handsome all decked out in blue.  I love the windmill in the background.  Enjoy.

Please let me know if you stitch him up.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Workbasket March 1954 - Miss India

This is the third doll in their 12 doll series. She is very pretty in her sari I am beginning to think they love french knots.  I do to so it is all not that bad.  Enjoy.

Please let me know if you stitch her up.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Socks Galore

Lots and Lots of Socks
{First let me say I know it is Tuesday but my scanner really bit the dust today.  So I will scan something at work and post it tomorrow.}

I told you awhile back that I was planning on making socks for my entire family that would turn out to be 22 pairs of socks and most of them need to be done before August.  So far I am trucking along just fine because it has only been one birthday a month.  I am enjoying and hating it at times.  The good still outweighs the bad. 

The ones orange ones were the first ones I made in January for my niece that turned 16.  The ones still on the needles were done in February for my niece that turned 14.  I just did not get a chance to take a picture of the finished product. 

The next pair were I a bright purple pair for my nephew in February that turned 12. I was finishing them on the way to the party and did not get a chance to take a picture. Yes bright purple for a boy. He is autistic and loves purple he says it is his power color. I am not sure what that means but at least he likes them and wears them a lot.

The green ones for my nephew that turned 13.  He wears a camo jacket all the time so I thought these would go well with it until I hit the middle of the ball and this blue yarn appeared. Trust me I did not see any blue on the outside of that skein. It still looks manly and nice. 

The last pair are the purple ones for my Mother-in-Law she got them on Saturday.  Her actual birthday is St. Patrick's Day but I thought I would make a pair her favorite color instead of green. 

That is five pairs down 17 pairs to go. I am exhausted and my fingers hurt but I still want to make more so that is a good sign.  Off to knit a pair pants for Mr. Foster  I have already finished his sailor hat.

What do you do that stresses you out but you still love?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun New Project!

Wrist Cuffs

About two months ago I got it into my head that I wanted a wrist cuff with embroidery on it.  I have seen several on-line and thought hey I could make that.  So went about making several terrible ones and to small and to big and so on. 

The first successful one was the first one in this picture. It was made of felt and backed with cotton flower fabric.  After wearing the felt one for awhile it started to get all fuzzy and worn looking.  I decided I needed a different medium. 

The second one is the one I made for Drewzel.  It was embroidered on cotton and backed with cotton fabric and I put some padding it it to make it a little stiffer.  I really like how it turned out and I even found a snap kit so it would snap close instead of the buttons I did on my original one.  The third one I am not that crazy about it but it has grown on me a bit.  I do really love the fabric on the back so I wear it inside out.  The fabric is vintage 1970's fabric I bought on eBay about 6 years ago. I originally made a skirt with it and wore that skirt out. I still have some remnants left so it was perfect for this project.  What do you think?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Workbasket February 1954 - Miss Mexico "Margarita"

This is the second doll in their 12 doll series.  She looks so sweet in her shawl and the flower in her hair.  I do find it a bit disturbing that the bull has already been stabbed and in this picture. 

Please let me know if you stitch her up.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work Basket January 1954 - Miss USA

Miss USA
This is a series they did in 1954 they had 12 international children they featured throughout the year.  The first one being Miss U.S.A.  She looks so cute walking her dog him her shawl and mini heels.  I hope you stitch her up.

I will be posting as many as I have in the next few weeks.  I am having a blast going through all the Work Basket Magazines and seeing all the projects and fun advertisements.  Now if only I could send away for their $1 patterns I would be set for life.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sneak Peak for Steph

Sneak Peak
I shipped off Steph's package yesterday here is a just sneak peak at a little something that is on its way to her.   I hope you enjoy all of the goodies Steph.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Workbasket March 1951 - Patrick

Workbasket March 1951

I apologize for not posting yesterday my scanner at home is not working.  I am not quite sure what happened but this just maybe the excuse I need to get a new printer and scanner.  I swear it broke on its own.

Workbasket March 1951 - PatrickA while ago I won an auction for a lot of 100 Workbasket magazines they range from 1951-1962.  I have not had a chance to look through them all and decide what to share there are so many ideas in them.  I thought this one would be fun because it is March and St. Patrick's Day is coming up.  I know you are eager to embroider Patrick.  I know I am.  He looks so dapper in his suit and hat.  If you embroider him let me know.  I would love to see him all stitched up.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling Stitchy Button Swap

Buttons GaloreThe feeling stitchy button swap is on its way.  I have been so excited to embroider buttons and to come up with new ones to make.  I spent most of Saturday thinking of new buttons and embroidering a few.
Here are a few of them that I am not sure if I will swapping so I thought I could show them off.

My favorites I came up with are are the VW Bus and the Lava Lamp.  I also made of few of my old standbys that I list in my etsy shop the mushrooms, turtles and aliens. 

Are you in the swap?  What have you come up with?  I am always amazed by what everyone comes up with.
Close-up of the buttons.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Mom's Embroidery

My Mom's Embroidery

My Mom embroidered these for me from a kit in the 70's when she was stuck home with my brother and I the first time we had chicken pox. I had chicken pox first, then my brother got them then my Mom got them for the third time. On another note my brother and I also had chicken pox a second time in 1990. This time he gave them to me. I still think it was revenge but I overlooked it this time.

I have had these girls hanging in my room since I can remember and when my parent moved into their new home about 4 years ago my Mom gave them to me. I was pretty excited. I also got 4 little boys that used to be my brothers. He did not want them at least not right then, if he ever does I will give them to him I guess. You remember he gave me chicken pox for revenge so I deserve them right? I totally agree thank you for your support.

They are all done in crewel work I think. It is all wool floss and so cute. The amazing thing is in the back of them are the pattern. You know what that means? I will be sharing some of them soon. I scanned one this morning before I left for work but forgot to send it to myself so check back later on tonight and I will have it posted to this entry.

Did anyone else's Mom or Dad make something similar? I would love to see it.


Sharing 127Edited to add the scan of the pattern with diagram. 

Also Rectangle is right my Mom did say it was like a tupperware party but for needlework. I completely forgot about that.  To bad they do not have those things now.  I would totally go to those.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it Spring Already?

I am starting to wonder if it is spring already.  Here it is the middle of February and my tulips are starting to peak their lovely heads up and my grass is getting greener by the minute.  I even have my doors open because it is 50 degrees out today.

You all have me to thank for it because while I was embroidering this sweet butterfly I kept wishing for spring.  I am so glad I have those kinds of powers now to embroider something and wish to win the lottery.  Well...I can prend can't I?

This was a pattern I shared back in January it is from Vogart 692.  It is done a hankerchief that I plan to keep for my self.  It matches my gawdy purse so well.

I did do something really stupid when transfering this pattern that I plan to tell you all about.  I had read in one of my vintage magazines that when transfering flowers with lazy daisies to just put a dot at the top and bottom of the petal and then the line will not show (are you seeing where I might be going?).  So I was like hey that is a good idea and this one has lots of lazy daisies and what could be a better plan.  Right?  Wrong!!  I dotted all the tops and bottoms of the petals and was so proud of my cleverness.  I even transferred the pattern, of course still not seeing the problem.  (How thick can I get?)  I sit down to pick out my colors still nothing and then I go to make the first stitch and I am like hey both wings are all dots.  I had no idea where which flower started and which one ended.  I ended up having had to keep the pattern with me at all times in order to look at it and then start stitching. So needless to say it is a good idea but not then the whole pattern uses lazy daisies. 

Well there you have it just one of the stupid things I do on any given day.  Hope it amused you as much as it amused Brian.   So now that I have shared you do too.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transfer and 100th Post Winner!

Vogart 625-1
This sweet smelling puppy is from Vogart 625.  I am missing about half of these patterns I keep hoping to find the rest but I have been unsuccessful.  I am inspired by this pattern today because I need to give my pup a bath I just wish she sat so still for her like this little sweetie.  I will end up taking a bath with my pup.  I call her a pup but she is a 12 year old Bassett Hound not a pup anymore but she is still my baby and do not want her to get old.

Congratulations to Drewzel  on being the 100th post random winner.  Please email me at with your address, your wrist size (I will be blogging about this adventure soon), and your favorite color.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Granny Squares and Pin Curls

Cozy Wrapping Paper

My Mom went to Idaho with some school friends and came back with this wonderful wrapping paper.  It has 3 sheets of hexagon granny squares (can a hexagon be a square?).  I am in love with it but not quite sure what to do with it.  One option is to buy a corkboad and cover it with the paper to use as decoration in my crafty corner.  The other option is to let is sit on the the roll just to look at and never use.  I have a hard time doing that, I want to use everything life is to short. 

{To be entered into my give-a-way: comment on this post to give me an idea what to do with with my new paper. You have until Tuesday February 16, 2010 at 5:00 pm PT to enter.  You will win some vintage patterns and some other stitchy goodies to be determined.  It is open to everyone, I will ship internationally.  You can get extra entries if you put this on your blog.  Just send me an email bekahv{at} and let me know where you posted it.}

Pin Curls - Have you done them??  I had not until Monday night.  I am not sure what got into my head but I decided I was tired of my long straight hair and I did not want to cut it all off so I looked up ways to add curl that would stay.  I have stick straight fine hair all terrible things to have if you want curly hair. 

Pin CurlsI used this tutorial, it worked very well.  A little to well to be exact, on Tuesday morning it was super curly (think Shirley Temple and poodle combined) and I used to much product so it was gummy and gross.  Then on Tuesday night I washed my hair and set it again.  This time new hair product (Fiber Gum Putty) and larger pin curls, it worked better, but still to curly.  This bring us to last night and this morning.  Better it is lighter and curly but no so curly it makes me look like a poodle.  I like it and it is less work than hot rollers and it stays in all day.  I mean all day no hair spray.  This might be the start of a beautiful friendship.  The picture is after an 8 hour work day and it is raining outside too. I am impressed.
Now to figure out how to style it so far the curls are great but the crown needs a bit of body.  Any ideas?  Should I get more layers ad bangs?  hmmm to many choices.

{Do do not forget to post your suggestions for the paper to be entered into the give-a-way.  Have a wonderful night.}


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peaceful Day

Peaceful Day
This transfer seems so peaceful to be the guy in the boat floating on the lake.  This transfer was so big I had to piece it together so I apologize for any wonky bits that to not connect up.  I tried my best.

I just realized that yesterdays post was my 100th post I will be doing a give-a-way soon keep yours eyes peeled for it.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Dog Gone Weekend

Dog Gone Weekend
I had a very fun weekend.  On Friday I was a band widow again so I contacted my sister-in-law and asked if my niece could come over to bake doggie treats with me.  She is a fanatic about dogs.  She reads all the books she can on dogs and let me tell you if you say the wrong thing about a dog you will get corrected.  It is so funny.  Since she got a new dog this winter she has been dying to make treats for her so we decided since we have so many dogs in our family we should make them all some treats. 

We made 5 sheets of doggie treats and our poor copper hardly got any, since there were 6 other dogs that we were making treats for.  So far all of the dogs have gone crazy for the treats.  It is a recipe from The Professional Pastry Chef.  I love this book but all the recipes make hug portions and sometime I do not feel like doing math just to bake so it comes out only about twice a year but now I think we might bring it out more so we can bake some doggy cookies as we kept calling them.

I still think she just comes over to play Animal Crossing.

How was everyone's weekend?  What did you do?


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feeling Stitchy Button Swap

Button Swap
Feeling Stitchy is having a first every swap and it is a Button Swap. 
Go check it out and sign-up I know I will be.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Knitting Bag and Other Goodies

Inside of luggage... I mean purse

I have ordered the most awesome knitting bag ever and to top it off I can now carry my embroidery hoop and projects with me all the time.  My old purse was getting worn out and I could not put embroidery projects in it.  I was pretty excited to see how much I could shove in my new bag it also has body strap so I can just sling it around and off I go hands free.  The purse is a namaste bag and they also have the most wonderful project bags too. 

Best Project bags ever!
As you can see I have already put two of them to good use.  I am thinking of buying another set of these.  They are a tight weave and so far the embroidery needles do not even fall out of it.  That is a super plus.

Now I just have to plop my purse on the couch and I am ready for any project I feel like. I really like that.

Lately I have been in a Jane Austen mood I have in the last week and a half I have read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion as well as watch the movies on Netflix watch instantly.  I have newly discovered North and South (not the civil war one) and Wives and Daughters I now have to buy these movies.  Stupid Netflix I never get any sleep now and it makes me wish I had an XBox in our bedroom so I could watch their movies in there.  Oh well I am getting lots of projects done.

What do you watch while you stitch?  I am always curious what other watch or do while they stitch.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Workbasket: Dutch Boy and Girl

Dutch Boy and Girl
Happy Ground Hog day everyone.  I really did try to find a ground hog transfer but I do not have one.  I do hope you will enjoy this little Dutch Boy and Girl better.

I think it would be so cute just all done in blue.  My Mother in Law and one of my Sister in Laws love these patterns I do see a set of them in their future for Christmas. 


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boring Day Continued

Close-upEven though Mondays are usual busy at work I was still able to squeeze in some embroidery time at lunch and finish.  I had originally hoped to finish this at home over the weekend but it turns out I left two of my key flosses at work so I was not able to finish. 

What is actually funny is I seem to have lost them and they were not left at work.  Go figure where they might be.  I have looked everywhere.  I just imagine that some bored person found my floss and decided to take up embroidery and now they are not so bored anymore.  Well, in my world that is how it would happen.  Needless to say I had to rip out some stitching and start over.  Oh well I think it turned pretty good except the pants.  I did not realize until I looked at it on the computer that the white does not show up that well.  I will have to re-think them.

I still think they are so cute kissing.  You can see the full towel here.  I do apologize for the dark pictures it has been raining I was not sure how long I would have to wait for some sunshine.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boy or Girl??

Girl or Boy

I believe this pattern is a workbasket but is was just loose along with the braids that you can attach.  I assume so this can be a little boy or girl whatever you would like.  I think it would be very cute both with braids or without.  It is also has a cute cat and puppy that seem to follow the same style.

I am not sure what to actually use these on but might be fun to try.

Hope you enjoy it.  Have a wonderful Day.

Braids for Girl

Friday, January 22, 2010

Boring Day at Work

Boring Day at Work
I started a new job in September.  It has been nice not to have to worry about tax season but on the down side I get a little bored and to many of my favorite websites are forbidden.  I can do other things.  I finished my first pair of socks for my Niece she turns 17 this week.  So after I finished them I thought I would take a break from knitting to embroider it was fun. 

This is a vintage pattern from workbasket.  I have been dying to stitch up.  It is a cute series.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vogart 725 - Tea Time

Vogart 725 - Tea Time
I think this is a lovely pattern.  I have all 9 designs including the cute little tea cup that goes with this design.  They are all in excellent condition. 

I do wish I had the patience for cross-stitch I would wip these little guys up, but I do not.  I will have to rely on one of you out there to stitch up this design.  If you do let me know.  I would love to see.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun with Knitting

Fun weekend
I had a pretty fun day on Sunday. My niece (Lizzie age 8) came over because she wanted to learn to knit.  She wants to make clothes for her stuffed dogs and her real dog so she can open a shop when she gets older and move to Beverly Hills because you know people here love their dogs more than here (at least that is what she told me). 

It all started late last year when I knitted a dog sweater for her stuffed dog Lou.  He got a rip on his back so I packed him up to come to Aunt Bekah's emergency room and when he was returned he had a nice green sweater on with his name embroidered on it.  She loved it and then wanted me to make one for each of her stuffed dogs.  I said I can teach you and she has hounded me ever since.  I think it also has to do with she wanted to come over to eat snacks and play animal crossing (such an addicting game). 
VW Van
I also finished a project that took me way to long I told Sew~Amy in August I would make her a knitted VW Bus just like mine or at least so it could match her VW Bus. If you do not know about Amy go check out her blog she is the VW queen. I finally mailed it last week and she received it yesterday. I did a much better job the second time around her bus looks so much better than mine.

I think I have set an unattainable goal for myself but we will see if I can do it. I plan on making 22 pairs of knitted socks one for every family member for their birthdays this year.  I have one due in a week and another one due in February.  The killer will be May where there are 4 birthdays, June 3 birthdays and July with 5 birthdays. All the other ones will be fine I just have to see it I can actually survive those three months. 
Orangy goodness

This sock is for my niece that is turning 17 next week. I originally bought this yarn for myself because I love orange and bright colors but it just called her name.  I might have enough left over to make ankle socks for myself as well but that will have to wait until my birthday in September. 

I hope I survive this.