Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cloud Has Lifted!

Thank you all for your great ideas on how to get out of my creative drought and it has worked. I feel more like myself again. It all started with embroidery buttons. I really do love making these little guys. Then after that I got two of my towels from my tea towel tour. That was a lot of fun and my favorite one was the turtle.

I have also been doing a lot of knitting. I really am getting quite addicted to it. Right now I am mostly making dishcloths because I joined two dishcloth swaps. I know I said I would not do that many swaps this year but they are so much fun and addictive to boot. We are going camping this weekend on the Washington Coast so I knitted myself a Calorimetry from Knitty it is normally always cold and rainy on Memorial Day Weekend in Washington. So I thought this would be the perfect thing to keep my head warm. You know what is turns out it can keep my whole head warm. That baby is big. I will not mind but if I ever do another one I think I will make is smaller.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. If you do not celebrate Memorial Day have a good weekend anyway.