Thursday, April 29, 2010

Granny Square Rings

Granny Square Ring
These were kind of fun to make. I was inspired by kootoyoo when I saw her ring on feeling stitchy when she was showing us her favorite embroidery book.  I tried to get it out of my head because I did not need another project to obsess about.  Since I am the way I am I had to make one I could not shake it. 

My first one as you can see on the far right was huge and would not be right and the embroidery floss was a bit wonky.  I decided to try to use pearl floss and it worked like a dream.  You can also use #10 crochet thread too, it works wonderful. I have tons of that from my Great-Grandma.  I used a size 8 crochet hook 1.5mm and size 8 embroider floss.  Then I just followed regular granny square instructions.

My second oldest niece has asked for one of her own.  She wants it to be red, yellow and green.  So I will see what I can come up that does not look like a stop light. 

Do you ever get like that and you have to finish something before you can work on anything else?

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