Friday, February 5, 2010

New Knitting Bag and Other Goodies

Inside of luggage... I mean purse

I have ordered the most awesome knitting bag ever and to top it off I can now carry my embroidery hoop and projects with me all the time.  My old purse was getting worn out and I could not put embroidery projects in it.  I was pretty excited to see how much I could shove in my new bag it also has body strap so I can just sling it around and off I go hands free.  The purse is a namaste bag and they also have the most wonderful project bags too. 

Best Project bags ever!
As you can see I have already put two of them to good use.  I am thinking of buying another set of these.  They are a tight weave and so far the embroidery needles do not even fall out of it.  That is a super plus.

Now I just have to plop my purse on the couch and I am ready for any project I feel like. I really like that.

Lately I have been in a Jane Austen mood I have in the last week and a half I have read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion as well as watch the movies on Netflix watch instantly.  I have newly discovered North and South (not the civil war one) and Wives and Daughters I now have to buy these movies.  Stupid Netflix I never get any sleep now and it makes me wish I had an XBox in our bedroom so I could watch their movies in there.  Oh well I am getting lots of projects done.

What do you watch while you stitch?  I am always curious what other watch or do while they stitch.



Becca said...

I have been looking at these bags all day on line. I can't decide which one I want. I know it will be red!

Rebekah said...

I know it took me a month to figure out what one I wanted. The red is just new this year it looks pretty. I was torn between the Zuma and the Laguna I got and the Olive Green was a second choice. So far I love it. You will have to tell me what kind you end up getting.

I also got a buddy case to match and love it so much. My scissors fit and so do a couple of crochet hooks and stitch markers measuring tape and needles.

Drewzel said...

Those project bags look great! love the idea!!

My 1st Bambina! said...

How neat !!! They look just as you described them, how cute and practical !!! Enjoy them !!!
I do love the movies based on Jane Austen novels...
Not to long ago I watched Wives and Daughters ... a very nice one. Need to check North and South... thanks for the heads up !!!

Miss Paula said...

I watched Seasons 1-4 of The Waltons. Now I am stumped!! I did watch Ballykissangel on Instant Netflix! That was an Irish series!! Good!