Thursday, April 29, 2010

Granny Square Rings

Granny Square Ring
These were kind of fun to make. I was inspired by kootoyoo when I saw her ring on feeling stitchy when she was showing us her favorite embroidery book.  I tried to get it out of my head because I did not need another project to obsess about.  Since I am the way I am I had to make one I could not shake it. 

My first one as you can see on the far right was huge and would not be right and the embroidery floss was a bit wonky.  I decided to try to use pearl floss and it worked like a dream.  You can also use #10 crochet thread too, it works wonderful. I have tons of that from my Great-Grandma.  I used a size 8 crochet hook 1.5mm and size 8 embroider floss.  Then I just followed regular granny square instructions.

My second oldest niece has asked for one of her own.  She wants it to be red, yellow and green.  So I will see what I can come up that does not look like a stop light. 

Do you ever get like that and you have to finish something before you can work on anything else?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Workbasket September 1957 - Miss Portugal "Inez"

This is a Miss Portugal. She is the ninth doll in the twelve doll series for The Workbasket 1954. Either she is doing martial arts or she is dancing.  Her name is Inez.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Workbasket June 1954 - Miss Norway "Sigrid"

The Workbasket August 1954 - Miss Norway "Sigrid"

This is a Miss Norway. She is the eighth doll in the twelve doll series for The Workbasket 1954.  I think her hat looks a bit like a chef's hat at first glance.  Her name is Sigrid


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last Minute Socks

I have finished another pair of socks but these almost did not get done.  As usual I left them up to the last minute and by Friday of last week I had not even started the socks for my Brother.  I was not stressing I still have 4 days to finish the socks. So on Friday I decided to figure out how to make a granny square ring (there will be another post on that next week).

I was having fun enjoying watching movies on Netflix and crocheting when my Brother calls to tell me he moved the party up by one day.  What!?!  Yes, you heard me he moved the party to Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  Did he not realize how important that extra day was, how come having my parents there was so important I need that extra day.  Some people are so inconsiderate.  Geez!

After a knitting marathon weekend and sore wrists and fingers I finished the socks on Tuesday on my lunch break.  Yes, I was running that late.  I am not a fast knitter and after last weekend I was kind of wishing I was or at least had superhuman speed so I could knit in seconds.  I think that would be pretty cool but then again if I did them so fast I go broke because I could never keep up with yarn purchases.  Until then I guess I will just enjoy the process and give myself more time.

What kind of super powers do you wish you had?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anchors Away!

Back in August I finished knitting up Mr. Foster all the clothes I have had for him were his pajamas and his robe.  I felt so bad that I bought the Monkey Business kit that has three other outfits for him.  I have had this kit since early October last year.  I finally got around to knitting him is very own sailor outfit I am wishing I had done it earlier.  He looks so cute in his hat. 

Brian is pretty happy since Mr. Foster belongs to him.  Now Brian is asking when the other two outfits will get done and when I am going to make him his girlfriend.  Yes they had a kit for Carmen Banana a girlfriend for Mr. Foster and I bought it.  I will take his other outfits with me when we go camping in May.  How appropriate he is in a sailor outfit since we will be going to the beach. 

Do you have any other ideas for an outfit for Mr. Foster (B.A. for short)?


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Workbasket June 1954 - Bolivian Girl

This is a Bolivian Girl. She is the seventh doll in the twelve doll series for The Workbasket 1954.  Her shawl is very pretty but her doll is very scary looking. 

I find it a bit sad that was not named.  Any ideas on a good name for her?


Friday, April 9, 2010

The Workbasket June 1954 - Greek Boy "Vasilios"

This is Vasilios the Greek Boy.   He is the sixth doll in the 12 doll series for The Workbasket 1954.  I love the detailing on his jacket. 

I thought I had all of the months for 1954 but I am missing May.  So if anyone has May 1954 please share it and let me know.  I would love to know what that doll is.

Has anyone stitched these up yet?

{Thank you for your patience while I took so long to scan this.  I have now scanned all of them so it will not be a future problem.}

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This tote has a little story attached to it.  Brian love almost any kind of music. He is always listening to it on the computer and I think he has a bit of ADD sometimes.  He will listen to a song for the first half and then go on to the next.  It drives me insane!  I have learned to tune it out and but anytime he plays the White Stripes we have to listen to the whole song.

I had never heard of the White Stripes until we got married and the first time I heard them Brian is like these are just two people. I was really you are kidding right? He was right of course like always.  So for a short period of time he kept telling me these are just two people.  So now anytime we hear the White Stripes we both look at each other and shout TWO PEOPLE!!  So I decided that I needed to make a tote with two instruments and make them look like the White Stripes instruments.  Well as close as I can get.

I really like how the drums turned out.  I used gold metallic floss for the cymbals and silver metallic floss for the drum stands and all around the drums. It has been hard to capture the shine of the floss. I will just tell you it looks cool. Well I think so at least.

Now  I need to find a cool fabric for the lining. Any suggestions?


The pattern is Sublime Stitching Rock 'n Roll.