Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Mom's Embroidery

My Mom's Embroidery

My Mom embroidered these for me from a kit in the 70's when she was stuck home with my brother and I the first time we had chicken pox. I had chicken pox first, then my brother got them then my Mom got them for the third time. On another note my brother and I also had chicken pox a second time in 1990. This time he gave them to me. I still think it was revenge but I overlooked it this time.

I have had these girls hanging in my room since I can remember and when my parent moved into their new home about 4 years ago my Mom gave them to me. I was pretty excited. I also got 4 little boys that used to be my brothers. He did not want them at least not right then, if he ever does I will give them to him I guess. You remember he gave me chicken pox for revenge so I deserve them right? I totally agree thank you for your support.

They are all done in crewel work I think. It is all wool floss and so cute. The amazing thing is in the back of them are the pattern. You know what that means? I will be sharing some of them soon. I scanned one this morning before I left for work but forgot to send it to myself so check back later on tonight and I will have it posted to this entry.

Did anyone else's Mom or Dad make something similar? I would love to see it.


Sharing 127Edited to add the scan of the pattern with diagram. 

Also Rectangle is right my Mom did say it was like a tupperware party but for needlework. I completely forgot about that.  To bad they do not have those things now.  I would totally go to those.


IamSusie said...

Goodness these are so cute! How lucky you are to have the full set of boys and girls!

Anonymous said...

too weird my mom did the exact same set of girls and hung them in our bedroom when we were kids...I think they were from some tupperware-like party company called Creative Stitches...I'll have to check and see if she still has them...I know she still has the floss palette (shaped like an artist's palette with holes) because my nieces were using the crewel for colored string on their craft project when I was there last.


Anonymous said...

it was called Creative Circle - you can still find their kits on ebay ;) -Erin again

Paula C. said...

The company was called "Creative Circle". I used to work for them and it was a great company until they went bankrupt. I still have several kits in the garage and I bet you would still find some on ebay. I learned lots from all those kits!!!

Drewzel said...

Mmmm love the texture...especially the hair.
New blog header/layout looks great too!

Rebekah said...

Thank you Erin and Paula for the wonderful information. I might have to go check out ebay and buy some for myself.

Thanks I am still iffy on the header but I have not updated it for a couple of years so we will see how long I keep it.

SewAmy said...

these are just fabulous. And that you still have them after all these years. I wish they still did partys like that.