Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun with Alpaca

Cable Hat

I have wanted to try a few new different types of yarn other than the usual wool and cotton I have been using lately. 

When I had birthday money to spend in September I bought some wonderful Alpaca for a hat for myself and some Alpaca silk blend for a scarf for my friend.  The hat is a wonderful cable pattern I especially like the view from the top it looks like a star.  I finished this last week just in time for our very early snow.  It was so nice to have a warm hat to wear in the morning.  Now all that wonderful snow is melting and I am wishing it would snow again so I can continue to wear my hat without looking out of season.

Wedge Vertical Stripe Scarf
The scarf for my friend was a scarf pattern she picked out from Knitting New Scarves
It was a bit of a challenge because it was a wedge and had to work short rows that I am not familiar with and she wanted it a bit longer and I had to do math (not my strong suit).  I do think it turned out alright and she loved it so that is all that matters.

What kind of things are you working during all this cold weather?

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