Thursday, April 1, 2010


This tote has a little story attached to it.  Brian love almost any kind of music. He is always listening to it on the computer and I think he has a bit of ADD sometimes.  He will listen to a song for the first half and then go on to the next.  It drives me insane!  I have learned to tune it out and but anytime he plays the White Stripes we have to listen to the whole song.

I had never heard of the White Stripes until we got married and the first time I heard them Brian is like these are just two people. I was really you are kidding right? He was right of course like always.  So for a short period of time he kept telling me these are just two people.  So now anytime we hear the White Stripes we both look at each other and shout TWO PEOPLE!!  So I decided that I needed to make a tote with two instruments and make them look like the White Stripes instruments.  Well as close as I can get.

I really like how the drums turned out.  I used gold metallic floss for the cymbals and silver metallic floss for the drum stands and all around the drums. It has been hard to capture the shine of the floss. I will just tell you it looks cool. Well I think so at least.

Now  I need to find a cool fabric for the lining. Any suggestions?


The pattern is Sublime Stitching Rock 'n Roll.

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