Saturday, April 7, 2007

No more pictures!

I know Copper is thinking why is this funny girl always taking my picture. The answer is because I am bored and have no children to torture. She is our baby and will be turning 9 next week. I might have to make her wear a hat.

I can't believe 9 she is getting so old she moans when she walks and takes forever to get moving. That does not stop her from escaping from the back yard or getting into mischief whenever she can or sitting in the kitchen waiting for veggie scraps, she loves bell peppers. She hears me chopping and comes running and if I do not give her the bell pepper scraps she barks at me. I normally say barky dogs don't get treats and I make her wait a minute then she gets the treat. She is so spoiled.

Pretty Pretty

Paprika thinks the same thing but then again she bugs me all the time. Everytime I fall asleep on the couch she is there touching my nose with her paw. She is 6 and will be 7 next month. They are both so sweet and they love to play together. The paprika waits for copper and when copper walks around the corner she pounces on her back it is so funny to watch. I so think our cat thinks she is a dog. She likes her belly scratched and at times will eat dog food even when she has her own food. Is it owners reflect their pets or pets reflect their owners? I really am not sure and I hope neither is for my sake.

Well off to bug them some more.

To many babies!

Baby Shower gift

Right now it seems like everyone I know is having a baby. Man, what happened in September? All three people are due in May. Two are having boys and the other one is waiting to know until the baby is born. That is how I want it. Finding out is like opening a present before your birthday then on your birthday you already know what you are getting. I guess we will see if I ever do get pregnant what I do.

These are the onesies I made for the second shower I went to, two weeks ago. They are a co-worker hence the tax credit 2007. We all loved it the nerds we are.

Baby Shower gift

Cheers and have a good weekend.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Viva Las Vegas Baby

To tell you a little about myself. I embroider, bake, crochet, and attempt to knit. So far only scarves in simple stitches.

Embroidered Tea Towel from Sublime Stitching. I had to change it to a real royal flush. My husband told me it was wrong. How am I suppose to know I do not play poker? Trust me I have tried but when you have to ask what beats what it is no use.
The banner is made with metallic thread and embroidery floss together. I liked the effect kind of like a neon sign.

This is what I do to relax after a hard day at work. Right now I am embroidering a lot. I work at an accountant's office and April 17th is sneaking up on us. It is crazy!

Las Vegas set

Hope you have your taxes done only 11 days left.

Opening Day!

Well at least it feels like opening day. I am starting a new blog so it is kind of like opening a store. You open up and tell people about yourself and you hope they buy into what you are selling.

You know I read all these people's blogs and I am like they are so cleaver how can I be as entertaining as them? I will try my hardest. I plan on just telling you what I have been up to and hope there are others like me who want to join in talking.