Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Things

I've been Tagged!
I was tagged by SewSugarySweet on flickr. Here are 16 random things about myself.
1. My Mom calls me Sis
2. My Dad calls me Kid
3. My Husband calls me Bee
4. My name is Rebekah
5. I do not make the bed everyday (for that matter I really do not make it until all the covers are tangled at the bottom of the bed)
6. I drink milk with my pizza
7. I like ketchup on my tacos
8. I have 3 nephews
9. I have 4 nieces (one of them is in the picture above with me)
10. I look like a midget with my husband's family and average height with my family.
11. I love old movies and musicals
12. I am learning to speak Japanese for fun
13. I love to bake and make-up my own recipes
14. I have a 10yr old bassett hound
15. Fall is my favorite time of year
16. I love ice cream (especially my home made ice cream)
So consider yourself tagged! Let me know if you decide to do it.