Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a wonderful halloween. I just want to leave you with a nice funny picture of my family. This is my Mom, Dad and Brother in (well since it was before I was born I guess I can tell the year) 1972. My parents are always fun. They were the best growing up.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Embroidery Swap

I recieved my buttons on Friday. They were all so beautiful and wonderfully made. I am so glad I joined the swap. Enjoy while I go get some rest. Think I might be coming down with a cold.


I figured out who these wonderful buttons came from
Owl - Sarah
Apple - Amy
Tea Cup - Joy
Crown - June
Robot - Michelle (the organizer)
Orange buttons - Maitreya they are not pictured yet due to the lack of noticing the bottom of the package held a sixth button for me. I will be taking a picture of that soon. It is very pretty.
Thank you all for your hard work.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sleep Crafting

Have you ever fallen asleep while doing a craft project only to wake up and think that maybe you were "craft sleeping"? That happened on my last project I was rushing to get it done and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I was even doing that one eye open to rest the other one but I am still awake I will get this done. I did not get it done on time I took an extra day because I just could not get the face to look right without her looking possessed. You will have to tell me if you think she looks a little demonic in the eyes.

I am torturing myself a bit. I have signed up for 2 more swaps and I am going to be making presents for my side of the family. We decided that we were going to do a homemade Christmas . I am so excited about this. I have not done one since the Christmas where my parents did not have any money to buy us gifts and my dad had extra wood in the garage and he made my brother an x-wing fighter and made me a little kitchen. My mom had extra fabric and made my brother some huge pillows that were stuffed with worn out clothes (boy I hated pillow fights with him after that. One hit and you were down for the count) she made my existing doll bed into a canopy to match my canpy bed. My brother and I still say that was the best Christmas. We thought we hit the jackpot no way did we know that we were broke.

Hopefully this Christmas will be as memorable.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Vintage Embroidery Pattern Blog

I have deleted this blog. Now all patterns will be found here.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Next Installment of the Tea Towel Tour

I finished another towel this weekend now only 2 more to go then it will all be done. It is always sad to get to the end. That just mean that we get to start a new swap.

I made her a Pineapple Cooler. On her towel she originally put a girl in shorts with the phrase it is getting hot in here. Well I decided that the Pineapple needed to cools things off before well, you all know the song. He really likes Blue Hawaiians (or I do I can never remember).

If you are interested in this pattern it can be found here.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Friday, October 12, 2007

A Mouse in the House

I will set the scene for you. I had just finished an embroidery project and sitting on the couch all relaxed and watching Ugly Betty. When all of the sudden our cat lunges at the table, then starts to walk towards us and well .... can you guess what it was?

She had a small mouse in her mouth after we saw that T springs to action and try to get the cat to go outside then she drops the mouse and I go running into the dining room and right up on top of one of the chairs. I was screaming bloody murder and refusing to go back into the living room. As you might image T just starts laughing and laughing. You know how girls are when hysterical do not ever laugh that makes us worse. After the laughter died down he swore he would protect me from the little mouse. I slowly got off the chair and ran to the bedroom promptly closed the door and finished watching Ugly Betty and then put on my boots grabbed a broom and went into the living room ready to get that mouse out of our house.

I swear we must have been a sight me screaming and waving the broom and T lifting the couch and yelling get it get it. We did not get it. We set a trap last night and still nothing this morning so I am hoping by the time I get home it is taken care of and I can relax and enjoy my Friday night.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Button Swap

I am done with my embroidery buttons. I finished them awhile ago but kind of forgot to send them out. I hope you enjoy. I can not wait to see what I get in return.

For close-up pictures you can check them out on Flickr