Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work Basket January 1954 - Miss USA

Miss USA
This is a series they did in 1954 they had 12 international children they featured throughout the year.  The first one being Miss U.S.A.  She looks so cute walking her dog him her shawl and mini heels.  I hope you stitch her up.

I will be posting as many as I have in the next few weeks.  I am having a blast going through all the Work Basket Magazines and seeing all the projects and fun advertisements.  Now if only I could send away for their $1 patterns I would be set for life.



Drewzel said...

oh she's so cute! I might have to stitch her :)

Gardener said...

She's cute. I have a lot of workbasket magazines too, but when I went through some of them last night, it looks like the embroidery transfers are missing from the majority of them.
I just found your blog and have enjoyed looking through it.

Drewzel said...

Hey gorgeous chick! I got my pressie yesterday! THANKYOU!! xx

PS what did you end up doing with the granny square wrap? I wanna see!

Rebekah said...

I am so glad you got your package. Funny how I can send it half-way across the world but to get to Canada it takes at least 2-3weeks. Crazy!!