Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Transfer Tuesday

Sunday and Thursday BearsHere is a favorite Workbasket, Days of the Week Bears.  They are all so cute in the way they are dressed up and doing all shorts of cute things.  I just adore cartoon bears, there is just somethign about a cute cuddly thing that in real life could kill you I guess.  The full set can be found here

I am really not sure on the year of any of my workbasket patterns.  Last year I won a box of Workbasket patterns on ebay that weighted 8.5 lbs 8.5lbs!!  I was shocked when it arrived and at how heavy and full the box was. 

I do get a bit overwhelmed when I go through my pattterns and see how many I own and I wonder if I will ever get a chance to actually embroider them all or will someone end up buying them at a yard sale after I pass away and use them for her collection.

I have given some away on this blog and I probably will give some more away in the near future as a way to ease my mind so keep checking back.

I have several vintage cross stitch patterns please let me know if you are interested in having them posted on a Tuesday.
Have a good day.

P.S. It was brought to my attention that people were not able to download my transfer last week.  I have since changed my permissions and it should not be a problem now.  Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Transfer Day

707 Cover
I have really missed sharing vintage transfers ever since the Vogart scare of 2008.  Most of my vintage patterns had been Vogart so it really had diminished my fun of sharing those patterns with everyone.  I have since bought lots of Workbasket patterns and other non-Vogart ones.  My plan is to share one pattern a week here on Tuesdays I hope you will come by to see them.  I will also be throwing in an occasional Vogart pattern.
This week it does happens to be Vogart pattern 707 I have shared it before but hope you will still like it.  This one is is one of my favorites because of the roses and the little birdy trying to play that violin.  Bless its soul it will never work.

Vogart 707-7This is my favorite rose and I do hope you enjoy it.   If you stitch it up let me know, I love to see how other choose their colors. 

Come back next Tuesday for a new transfer.


Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Weekend!

10-18-09 001Friday night I worked on the the Robot Devil shirt for Brian.  He was pretty excited the whole night since every time I lifted the hoop to tie off the backside and switch threads he would peek over and smile like a kid on Christmas waiting to open presents.  So I ended up staying up until 2:30 am to get it finished.  So  he could wear it the next day.

It was not one of my brightest moments since I had to get up at 6am to get ready to go shopping with my Mom.  We had planned a shopping trip to spend some of my birthday money.  It was a fun and busy day even though I was still dead tired.  I did get some great deal and lots of pretty clothes and jewlery.  It was almost like going back to school shopping having trying on clothes and asking my Mom what she thinks.  Funny how it is the little things that make you feel young again.  I think I need more those feelings.  Because most of the time I feel a bit old. 

While I was in town I muster up the energy to go to Joanns and spend a gift certificate my work gave me for my birthday.  I was able to get 30 new skeins of floss and 4 new boxes for my floss.  The hinges on one of my boxes broke and I was just going to buy two boxes one as a replacement and one to hold extra but they were buy one get one so of course I had to get four.  I still have $6 left.  I guess I could always get more floss.  I only have 2 full boxes of DMC floss and one full of silk floss and one with hand dyed floss I am not sure if that is enough. 

I think I need to get cracking on a new project and stop hording floss.  What are you all working on?  Any ideas I am at a loss at what to do next.  All of my patterns are starting to look the same the more I look through them.

I will take pictures of the Robot Devil shirt once it is out of the laundry tomorrow. He wore it right away and I did not get a chance to take a picture of it. Brian now has plans for a Zoidberg t-Shirt. What have I started??


Friday, October 16, 2009

My Place to Relax

My Craft Area
Since the weather is dipping down at night in the 30's we have re-arranged our living room so we can use the fireplace at night to be nice and cozy.  Nothing is better than watching movies by firelight. 

When we moved I was able to finally moved my craft light somewhere so it would not be in the way.  I am at peace with my living room arrangement.  Trust me it has been a struggle it is strange shaped room.  I am actually standing in a door way taking this picture.  It is nice and cozy yet roomy.  So this is where I embroider and knit, while I watch movies LIKE KUNG FU PANDA.  Oh sorry I love that movie I have watched it I swear like 15 times.  Although I have not watched it as much as I have watched Pride and Prejudice.  I like watching movies I have seen before because they are comforting and I do not have to really pay attention.  Any movie suggestions?

Recently I went to see Whip it and now I am hooked on Roller Derby stuff.  I remember seeing Laverne and Shirley when they had to be in a Roller Derby and I have loved it sense then but it went away and now it has been revived so much that I rented Roller Girls season 1 on netflix.  That is what made me make a shirt for myself with this Roller Gal on it.  I think her name should be Deadly Daisy I have no idea why I just do.   So when the other discs come I will wear my t-shirt while I watch it.  The funny thing is that Brian is actually into the series as much as I am.  I think that is why I love him to much he is just as silly as me.
New Shirt with a little pow

So my review of my craft stand.  I love it!  It makes embroidering on T-Shirts so much easier because I can use both hand to help with the stretchy material.  I have not been a fan of interfacing like others are. I think it is user error on my part but I like to go naked. 

Now that I said it makes doing T-Shirts easier Brian already has two in mind and wants to me to start ASAP.  So I am off to start a Robot Devil T-Shirt that is way over due.  I made a Bender one awhile back you can see it here and after I made it I promised him a Robot Devil so you can see it has been awhile. 

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little bit of embroidery

I have not been embroidering for awhile.  We have been so busy going here and there I have not had time to pick out all my colors and prepare them to be toted around.  So for the last 3 weeks in my time at home I have been embroidering this pattern from Coats and Clark Book No. 143  I actually decided to use the colors they suggested.  In retrospect I would probably not use that much green it seems to overwhelm the piece. 

Coats and Clark Vintage Embroidery
The deer was my favorite not to favorite part because I decided to tackle the long and short stitch.  I did not succeed.  It is very lumpy and wonky in lots of parts, but I am working on it.  If you have any tips please do share I can use all the help you can spare. 

One another note, my birthday was last month (we will not discuss age) it was fun and Brian was so sweet he bought me a universal craft stand.  I put it together but I have not used it much.  I think I will like it for doing french knots and other difficult stiches because it will keep my hands free.  Right now I see the only problem is I tend to move my hoop as I stitch and that might be difficult with the stand.  I do like that is it short and very compact we have a small house so space is a premium.  I plan to play around with it this week and I will let you know what I think later on. 

Does anyone else have a stand, if so any tips?