Monday, February 8, 2010

Dog Gone Weekend

Dog Gone Weekend
I had a very fun weekend.  On Friday I was a band widow again so I contacted my sister-in-law and asked if my niece could come over to bake doggie treats with me.  She is a fanatic about dogs.  She reads all the books she can on dogs and let me tell you if you say the wrong thing about a dog you will get corrected.  It is so funny.  Since she got a new dog this winter she has been dying to make treats for her so we decided since we have so many dogs in our family we should make them all some treats. 

We made 5 sheets of doggie treats and our poor copper hardly got any, since there were 6 other dogs that we were making treats for.  So far all of the dogs have gone crazy for the treats.  It is a recipe from The Professional Pastry Chef.  I love this book but all the recipes make hug portions and sometime I do not feel like doing math just to bake so it comes out only about twice a year but now I think we might bring it out more so we can bake some doggy cookies as we kept calling them.

I still think she just comes over to play Animal Crossing.

How was everyone's weekend?  What did you do?


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My 1st Bambina! said...

B. hope all is good there , its been a while !
I imagine how much fun you girls had baking these treats and how much fun the doggies had eating them :-) !