Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello World....

Come on get happy

I have been so caught up with learning to knit that I have been ignoring embroidery. Feeling bad for all my hoops and floss because they look at me so longingly from across the room that I took pity on them and embroidered something.

Now I am hooked again! It must have been their evil plan all along. I seriously think I am addicted, I might need help. Embroidery is my drug. I sit there and stitch and just relax so much that I have fallen asleep. I normally wake up when I stab my finger *ouch*. I was getting bored a bit with embroidery because I was not challenging myself with new stitches so for my next project I had to do something new.

This one I posted on my vintage blog was just calling to me. I loved watching the Partridge Family re-runs as a kid. Who would not want to be in a family band and travel around on a techno-color bus? I sure did. What did you want to do when you where a kid?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

And the Winner is.......

The very talented Erin - rectangel. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy them.
I wish I could give you all something. I will be doing another give away next week since I will have been blogging for a year next week. So check back.

Since I hate posting without pictures. Here is a towel I made several weeks ago. I had been watching the Music Man and I could not help singing the song 76 trombones led the big parade.
Can you hear the band play for the parade?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My 50th Blog Post Giveaway

My 50th Blog Post Giveaway
In honor of my 5oth post and my new ebay win I am giving away some embroidery patterns.

All you need to do it leave me a comment on this post and tell me why you like to embroider by Midnight on Friday, March 28. Then on Saturday I will draw a name ship on Monday.

If you live outside of the US go ahead and comment I will send to you. Please remember to leave your email otherwise I will not be able to get ahold of you.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tagged.... Now you will know it all

Tea Towel Tour III
Itsinmynature's towel
The wonderful g from doe-c-doe tagged me and now you will know things about me you probably did not want to know.

7 random things:

  • I drink milk with my pizza.
  • I went to a small Christian school, my graduating class size was ten. (I can always say I was in the top ten of my class)
  • I do not clean my dishes every night.
  • When I was younger I desperately wanted to play the guitar and be a folks singer. Turns out I do can not play guitar and I am not that good at singing either.
  • I make up stupid songs and dance around the house. Just because it make me happy.
  • I am addicted to podcasts
  • I watch old movies while I embroider.
I am only tagging a couple of people because of the blogs I read have already been tagged.
Drewzel at Stitchy Britches
Daniel at Priceless Passtimes

Friday, March 7, 2008

Antique Store Find

Recent find

Last Sunday I went to the antique store in hopes that the canister set I saw a few weeks ago was still there. I kept kicking myself for not buying it then and thought of all the reasons that I am glad I did not buy it. But..... I kept dreaming how wonderful they would look in my kitchen and all the things I would bake just to use these canisters. So after lots of "I should have bought those" (think of a whiney little girl) T is like go buy them.

So on Sunday off I went to the next town 20 miles (not to far) I went in and it took all my effort not to run to the basement and see if they were still there. Once I finally got finished pretending to look at other things. I went downstairs turned on the light (yes they leave the light off - gotta love small towns). I was the only one down there "hooray" and I made a bee-line straight to the canisters and yes they were still there. I squealed with delight and grabbed them just in case someone was really down there trying to take my find.

I loaded myself up with them and rounded the corner and guess what I saw. A cake saver that matched. Ooo I could not pass this up. Granted I already own four other cake savers. I can not help myslef I just love them. I was quite a site the owner even chuckled at me. Here I was carrying five canisters one large cake server and trying to turn off the light and make it to the front of the store with out dancing for joy. I put then on the counter and said "can I leave these here I still want to look around"?

What for I had no idea but I know I would find something, and I did find something else. A 1966 Better Homes and Garden Pies and Cakes cookbook. So I make my way back up front and it is all I can do to not to jump up and down and giggle. I mean I was in heaven. All these wonderful finds. The lady checks me out and say oh I will just give you the book if you tell me what you will make from it. So I looked at her and with all seriousness I said "I plan to make everything". So I walk out $18 lighter and the happiest girl in all the world.
Recent find

So tell me what kind of things make you happy?