Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knitted Goodness

Mr. B.A. Foster

I have had a lot of road trips this summer and with most of them being camping I decided I would take knitting instead of my embroidery. I tend to lose those small embroidery needles and then I would probably step on them in the car. I do that in the house and that is bad enough.

The Monkey is Mr. B.A. Foster. (B.A. stands for Ben Anise) B.A. is a bit of a character always trying something. First of all he thought he should drive when we went to Portland and we had to tell him no. Then he thought he should have our lunch.

Cheeky Monkey

We finally got him to sit in the backseat and leave us alone while we ate. Cheeky little monkey.

After we bought our Bug I was looking on etsy for anything VW bugish and I found this lovely pattern. It has a bus, bug and scooter. I did make the bus for my T. He loves it and it sits on top of his computer desk.

Our new vehicle

What have you done this summer and what have you made?