Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anchors Away!

Back in August I finished knitting up Mr. Foster all the clothes I have had for him were his pajamas and his robe.  I felt so bad that I bought the Monkey Business kit that has three other outfits for him.  I have had this kit since early October last year.  I finally got around to knitting him is very own sailor outfit I am wishing I had done it earlier.  He looks so cute in his hat. 

Brian is pretty happy since Mr. Foster belongs to him.  Now Brian is asking when the other two outfits will get done and when I am going to make him his girlfriend.  Yes they had a kit for Carmen Banana a girlfriend for Mr. Foster and I bought it.  I will take his other outfits with me when we go camping in May.  How appropriate he is in a sailor outfit since we will be going to the beach. 

Do you have any other ideas for an outfit for Mr. Foster (B.A. for short)?



Drewzel said...

Sooo cute! How about a tuxedo for him?

SewAmy said...

Oh my goodness, how cute is he!!!