Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Transfer Tuesday

Sunday and Thursday BearsHere is a favorite Workbasket, Days of the Week Bears.  They are all so cute in the way they are dressed up and doing all shorts of cute things.  I just adore cartoon bears, there is just somethign about a cute cuddly thing that in real life could kill you I guess.  The full set can be found here

I am really not sure on the year of any of my workbasket patterns.  Last year I won a box of Workbasket patterns on ebay that weighted 8.5 lbs 8.5lbs!!  I was shocked when it arrived and at how heavy and full the box was. 

I do get a bit overwhelmed when I go through my pattterns and see how many I own and I wonder if I will ever get a chance to actually embroider them all or will someone end up buying them at a yard sale after I pass away and use them for her collection.

I have given some away on this blog and I probably will give some more away in the near future as a way to ease my mind so keep checking back.

I have several vintage cross stitch patterns please let me know if you are interested in having them posted on a Tuesday.
Have a good day.

P.S. It was brought to my attention that people were not able to download my transfer last week.  I have since changed my permissions and it should not be a problem now.  Happy Stitching!

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