Friday, October 16, 2009

My Place to Relax

My Craft Area
Since the weather is dipping down at night in the 30's we have re-arranged our living room so we can use the fireplace at night to be nice and cozy.  Nothing is better than watching movies by firelight. 

When we moved I was able to finally moved my craft light somewhere so it would not be in the way.  I am at peace with my living room arrangement.  Trust me it has been a struggle it is strange shaped room.  I am actually standing in a door way taking this picture.  It is nice and cozy yet roomy.  So this is where I embroider and knit, while I watch movies LIKE KUNG FU PANDA.  Oh sorry I love that movie I have watched it I swear like 15 times.  Although I have not watched it as much as I have watched Pride and Prejudice.  I like watching movies I have seen before because they are comforting and I do not have to really pay attention.  Any movie suggestions?

Recently I went to see Whip it and now I am hooked on Roller Derby stuff.  I remember seeing Laverne and Shirley when they had to be in a Roller Derby and I have loved it sense then but it went away and now it has been revived so much that I rented Roller Girls season 1 on netflix.  That is what made me make a shirt for myself with this Roller Gal on it.  I think her name should be Deadly Daisy I have no idea why I just do.   So when the other discs come I will wear my t-shirt while I watch it.  The funny thing is that Brian is actually into the series as much as I am.  I think that is why I love him to much he is just as silly as me.
New Shirt with a little pow

So my review of my craft stand.  I love it!  It makes embroidering on T-Shirts so much easier because I can use both hand to help with the stretchy material.  I have not been a fan of interfacing like others are. I think it is user error on my part but I like to go naked. 

Now that I said it makes doing T-Shirts easier Brian already has two in mind and wants to me to start ASAP.  So I am off to start a Robot Devil T-Shirt that is way over due.  I made a Bender one awhile back you can see it here and after I made it I promised him a Robot Devil so you can see it has been awhile. 

Have a nice weekend everyone.


GreenLightGo said...

Oh, I miss fireplaces. The house I moved into last year doesn't have one, but we don't get the opportunity to use one frequently anyway in tx. I used to when I was a little girl though.
I LOVE KUNG FU PANDA TOO- Oogway is my hero<3
A few of favorite movies are
as a kid: Outsiders, Stand by Me, Watcher in the Woods, Trading Spaces, Goonies, The Lost Boys, The Princess Bride

A few of my favs as an adult: Into the Wild, Transformers, Say it Isn't So, everything by Quentin Tarantino, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Apocalypto, Saving Grace, Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Thank you for Smoking, Mothman Prophecies, Devil and Daniel Johnston, Memento
I LOVE your shirt! I haven't got the chance to see Whip It yet, but I want to! About 6 years ago I was one of 3 girls out of about 130, that was accepted into the TXRD in Austin, during one of their try outs, but I was only in it for a minute, before they got the TV show. I was teaching, and they gave me an ultimatum of job or derby, so I had to quit, but have the heart for it! My name was Sheer Speed(since I was fast and I cut hair) :D
I LOVE DEADLY DAISEY! ROCKIN NAME! We should start a fantasy derby league:D Killer shirt, and I think you should stitch your derby name on it as well!

Rebekah said...

OH MY GOSH!! I can not believe you were actually in the league even for a minute so cool. They have a team in one of the larger cities here. I hope that maybe we could go see a game. They do the flat track not the slanted one. Still cool and fun.

Hmmm a fantasy league would be cool and fun.

I might stitch that name on. The hubs things I should.

Thanks for all the movie suggestions I can not wait to update the netflix list.

GreenLightGo said...

I REALLY wanted to be named Poison Ivy, but the name had been taken from the other league, which was a flat track league, at like roller rinks, but the TXRD had a banked track which is the slanted one, and WAY harder, especially on your ankles!

I can't wait to see your Deadly Daisy Shirt! You should wear it to a game!
I think I want to stitch me up a rockin derby girl with a name on it!!! :D

Rebekah said...

If you stitch up a shirt I would love to see it. When I finish mine I will post it.