Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little bit of embroidery

I have not been embroidering for awhile.  We have been so busy going here and there I have not had time to pick out all my colors and prepare them to be toted around.  So for the last 3 weeks in my time at home I have been embroidering this pattern from Coats and Clark Book No. 143  I actually decided to use the colors they suggested.  In retrospect I would probably not use that much green it seems to overwhelm the piece. 

Coats and Clark Vintage Embroidery
The deer was my favorite not to favorite part because I decided to tackle the long and short stitch.  I did not succeed.  It is very lumpy and wonky in lots of parts, but I am working on it.  If you have any tips please do share I can use all the help you can spare. 

One another note, my birthday was last month (we will not discuss age) it was fun and Brian was so sweet he bought me a universal craft stand.  I put it together but I have not used it much.  I think I will like it for doing french knots and other difficult stiches because it will keep my hands free.  Right now I see the only problem is I tend to move my hoop as I stitch and that might be difficult with the stand.  I do like that is it short and very compact we have a small house so space is a premium.  I plan to play around with it this week and I will let you know what I think later on. 

Does anyone else have a stand, if so any tips?


GreenLightGo said...

I'm sorry to say I don't have any tips for the stand, but have always thought them to be for quilting, so I'm glad to know that you like it and enjoy the free handed feel to it! Sounds like something I'd like to try!

Your deer embroidery is extraordinary. I'm in love with it!. I think I got this from Hoop Love, and have wanted to do it for the longest time. You've inspired me to pull it out! Or at least to put on top of the to-do pile :-)


Rebekah said...

I would love to see if you stitch up that pattern. I fell in love with it when I first saw it.