Monday, November 2, 2009

Who Said Disney on Ice is Just for Kids??

My outfit from Disney on Ice

I would have never said that ..... actually I did. when I agreeded to go with Brian's family this weekend.  I said we are going to be the only ones without children and I was right.

We still had a blast look at the cool tulip hat and some flashy glasses I bought.  They have three different light speeds.  I wore them for part of the show but they just kept steaming up so I could not wear them the entire time.  I did wear them on the way home and while at home hence the picture taken in my PJs. (the peace sign I have no idea why I do it, it is just my signature in all my pictures since I was 8)

The ice skaters were amazing.  I love watching ice skating and ballet (can not wait for the Olympics).  Brian and I hope to maybe actually go to see Nutcracker in Seattle this Holiday season we will see it all depends if I can get time off.  I started a new job and it is pretty much just me covering everything in the office so we will see how that all works out.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 


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