Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Flower and a Christmas Apron.

Spring Buttons

Several weeks ago I got in another button making mode and stitched up some cute spring flowers. They are smaller than my normal buttons they are just barely 1".  It was fun to see how many flowers would fit.  I used pima perle cotton for all of the colors.  I love making buttons because they are so instant gratification and fun to look at.

I had mentioned a week or so ago when I was out at the antique store that I found an apron pattern and I planned to make an apron.  I did finish it and I made it reversible.  I do know it is a Christmas one.  In my defense I bought this fabric over 2 years ago and I had to use it up before another Christmas came and went and went unused.

Hmmm not sure that helps my cause it makes me look like a procrastinator.  Here it is anyway, as you can probably tell the waist band is wonky around the pleats and my arms barely reach the pockets.  If I ever get around to making another one I will make the pockets further up and hopefully do better on the waist band.
Christmas Apron Side B

So what kinds of things do you put off until the last minute?



june at noon said...

What *don't* I put off? Ha!

The buttons are cute.

Lody said...

Lovely buttons! One of these days I'll grab some of your buttons for my biscornu pincushion models.:)

I am way off with my embroidery... beading kicks in a lot since last year!

Great apron BTW. Me and sewing maching are no friends at all. LOL

Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

Those buttons are wonderful! It would be great to if you would come and shocase some of your work in our Textiles gallery.

Best, Jo
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