Friday, March 7, 2008

Antique Store Find

Recent find

Last Sunday I went to the antique store in hopes that the canister set I saw a few weeks ago was still there. I kept kicking myself for not buying it then and thought of all the reasons that I am glad I did not buy it. But..... I kept dreaming how wonderful they would look in my kitchen and all the things I would bake just to use these canisters. So after lots of "I should have bought those" (think of a whiney little girl) T is like go buy them.

So on Sunday off I went to the next town 20 miles (not to far) I went in and it took all my effort not to run to the basement and see if they were still there. Once I finally got finished pretending to look at other things. I went downstairs turned on the light (yes they leave the light off - gotta love small towns). I was the only one down there "hooray" and I made a bee-line straight to the canisters and yes they were still there. I squealed with delight and grabbed them just in case someone was really down there trying to take my find.

I loaded myself up with them and rounded the corner and guess what I saw. A cake saver that matched. Ooo I could not pass this up. Granted I already own four other cake savers. I can not help myslef I just love them. I was quite a site the owner even chuckled at me. Here I was carrying five canisters one large cake server and trying to turn off the light and make it to the front of the store with out dancing for joy. I put then on the counter and said "can I leave these here I still want to look around"?

What for I had no idea but I know I would find something, and I did find something else. A 1966 Better Homes and Garden Pies and Cakes cookbook. So I make my way back up front and it is all I can do to not to jump up and down and giggle. I mean I was in heaven. All these wonderful finds. The lady checks me out and say oh I will just give you the book if you tell me what you will make from it. So I looked at her and with all seriousness I said "I plan to make everything". So I walk out $18 lighter and the happiest girl in all the world.
Recent find

So tell me what kind of things make you happy?




Patty said...

Don't laugh but reading this post just made me happy. I'm glad the cannisters were still there. What a great find!

Heather said...

LOve the cake dome...I have such a soft spot for footed cake plates and cake boxes and cake safes and cake domes...etc. I guess I have a thing for all things cake!

billie said...

Yes, your post made me happy, too. As a child I remember my Mom had a set of canisters like yours. They had black lids, though. Your new purchases sure brought back memories. Thanks for sharing.

Jacklyn said...

Your post made me laugh! About pretending to walk around the store first before you went in the basement. I do the same thing! Try not to look too interested! Ha! I love your new goodies. Congratulations. I'm so glad that they were still there, and you got the bonus cake plate and cookbook, yes!

Alli said...

Your post definitely made me happy! I am amazed by your self-control. When I finally give in and decide to buy something that I've been thinking about for days, I run to the store, fly to the item, grab it and scurry to the front, shooting evil sideways glances towards anyone who comes near, just in case they want my prize. I've never mastered the art of nonchalance!

Rebekah said...

great finds! They're all adorable, especially the cake dish!

Rebekah said...

I am so glad I made you all happy. I look at the canisters every day when I head out the door and smile. I am so glad I broke down or Brian forced me to buy it. I have a hard time buying things for myself I always feel guilty.


sweetjessie said...

The canister set is wonderful!

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Your canisters and cake plate are great! I love great finds like that. I have a set of old mixing bowls in my kitchen that I love, and they've been in my family for quite awhile. I saw the same ones in an antique store once, and man were they expensive! I'm glad mine were 'inherited.'

I wrote this in my comments, too, but the cookbook is called 'Nigella Express' by Nigella Lawson.

Amy said...

The cutest canisters! Great finds like that make me happy too. Like today I found 8 vintage sheets and 3 pillowcases to make pillowcase dresses.
Your blog is fun!

Drewzel said...

I so know that feeling, I'm glad you got them!! I've done that, been back to get things, and wanted to cry when they were gone :P