Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tagged.... Now you will know it all

Tea Towel Tour III
Itsinmynature's towel
The wonderful g from doe-c-doe tagged me and now you will know things about me you probably did not want to know.

7 random things:

  • I drink milk with my pizza.
  • I went to a small Christian school, my graduating class size was ten. (I can always say I was in the top ten of my class)
  • I do not clean my dishes every night.
  • When I was younger I desperately wanted to play the guitar and be a folks singer. Turns out I do can not play guitar and I am not that good at singing either.
  • I make up stupid songs and dance around the house. Just because it make me happy.
  • I am addicted to podcasts
  • I watch old movies while I embroider.
I am only tagging a couple of people because of the blogs I read have already been tagged.
Drewzel at Stitchy Britches
Daniel at Priceless Passtimes


Emily said...

I don't do the dishes every night either! :)

Doo_Leroux said...

Me neither! I have a dishwasher thankfully! I'm oober lazy!

g said...

Yay - thanks for playing Sweet Bee!

We don't do our dishes every night either & I love to watch old movies while I embroidery too!

And congrats on being in the top ten of your graduation class - ;)

Rebekah said...

I am so glad to find out that I am not the only one who does not do dishes everynight. I have a dishwasher but sometimes I have no desire to put them in and hear the roar of the machine while I am trying to relax.