Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My 50th Blog Post Giveaway

My 50th Blog Post Giveaway
In honor of my 5oth post and my new ebay win I am giving away some embroidery patterns.

All you need to do it leave me a comment on this post and tell me why you like to embroider by Midnight on Friday, March 28. Then on Saturday I will draw a name ship on Monday.

If you live outside of the US go ahead and comment I will send to you. Please remember to leave your email otherwise I will not be able to get ahold of you.


Average Jane Crafter said...

Congrats on the 50th post!

Here's something I wrote on my blog about why I love embroidery:
Embroidery can be beautiful, delicate, chunky, modern, retro, fun and artistic. Few crafts can cover such a range.

Emrboidery is also so very relaxing to me - the in-and-out of the floss through the fabric, digging through colors to find just the right one for a picture - all of it, I just love it. I also love the way the hoop frames the work so beautifully. Something about seeing the wrinkled fabric all around the edges, and then the perfect, stretched image inside the hoop ... I just love it.

Yup. I'm an embroidery freak.


greetingarts said...

I really like the portability of embroidery, and the fact that based on the subject, you can make it elegant, whimsical, traditional, whatever.

Happy 50th, may there be many many more!

HRSG said...

In embroidery though you may have a pattern there is still nothing set in stone.

It allows individuality and creative license from the stitches, colors, size, etc.

If you gave two stitcher's the same pattern the finished piece from each would still be unique.

Erin said...

bee! hurray you're at 50!

how do I love embroidery let me count the ways

I love

...the colors in my floss box all rainbowed and unique. patterns and I love changing them

...that no one will ever make them the same as me

...shock on peoples faces when the see me stitching away.

...that no matter how much I learn there will always be room for improvement

...that when I give it to people they will have something of me to keep close no matter how far away I go

...that it connects me to my mom even though she never taught me how

...that I can take it with me and remember my journey by looking at it later

...and that has allowed me to connect with some of the coolest people on the internet ;)

Erin - rectangel

dewdrop said...

Hi Rebekah,

I'm a fairly new embroiderer who just recently found your site. My favorite thing about embroidery is it reminds me of one of my favorite childhood pastimes: coloring books. Many of the embroidery designs I use remind me of old coloring books I used to have. I love picking out the floss colors and using them to "color" my page.

Patty said...

I'm still on the fence about liking the actual stitching part -- I heart the chain stitch but hate hate hate French knots -- but I do love old patterns and I love seeing what people do with them nowadays. That inspires me give those French knots one more try.

Doo_Leroux said...

Ooo the big 50!!! This is one time I bet you don't mind hitting that number?

Hmmm why I love embroidery? So many reasons.

- You can be as creative as you want which I LOVE. You can pick a pattern and choose your own colours and stitches, or even come up with your own design.

- It doesn't take a long time to make something breathtaking....and its very satisfying completing a project.

- It connects me with other crafters whom I wouldn't have had a chance to meet otherwise.

- There are hundreds of stitches and colours an patterns (vintage, modern), nothing will ever come out the same twice!

- I love learning new techniques (red/black/stump work.

- It keeps my fingers busy so I don't binge on food while watching TV!!!

Rita said...

Congrats, Bee!
I followed you here from Craftster :)

I absolutely love embroidering and everything about it because it's such a versatile art that everyone's stitching comes out differently and beautiful. Even I can never stitch the same pattern the same way twice. I love that it is inexpensive, very fast, and very portable and you can embellish anything with embroidery and make it look fantastic and truly unique. And I love love love the people that I connect with because of this art form such as the talented tea towel tourists on Craftster and elderly women who stop by me when I embroider in the park and say "I remember I loved to embroider when I was younger. It's so lovely to see young folk like you embroidering these days." I'm very new to embroidery and I love doing it and learning new techniques all the time :)

Happy wishes~

~ rita(pizza)

kerri said...

Congrats on hitting 50!

I recently got bit by the embroidery bug and I love it. I did beadwork for years and it isn't really portable (little seed beads + bus=not good) but embroidery lets me use all the colour and texture anywhere I feel the urge to do it. It is such a rewarding craft. I also enjoy reading others blogs to see what amazing pieces are being created all over the world!

Alli said...

Wow, congrats on #50!

Like others, I love embroidery for two main reasons (plus countless smaller reasons). First, it is so flexible; it suits all of my crafating moods. Stitching is also extremely meditative. One of my favorite evening activities is curling up on the sofa with my husband and a hoop, just letting my mind drift. No matter how crazy my day has been, that brings it to a great end.

Drewzel said...

Just wanted to comment (I know I'm late) on that pic... are you scanning those doggies on the top of the file? I love 'em :P

Heather said...

OM goodness, I can't believe I missed this! Oh, I'm crying in my pillow!