Friday, February 29, 2008

I Gave In

Rocking Horse Onesie
Yes, you heard me I gave in to the pull of selling things you make in hopes to finance your craft projects. The lure was to much and I did it.

Check it out if you like. I still plan to make more things for swaps and gifts than for the shop.
If you have a shop let me know about it. I always need new things to buy.

Bird Tote Bag

Have a great weekend all you crafy gals.


Doo_Leroux said...

Thanks so much for adding me to your site! YAY! Good for you for starting an etsy store. Are you going to be adding mostly embroidered treasures or other things too?

Rebekah said...

You're welcome.

Mostly it will be embroidery since I enjoy doing that the most. I might be adding some crochet and sewn items. I am learning to knit but very slowly so only scarves for me and my honey at this point.

Heather said...

its addictive, and the high you get from the etsy emails notifying you of sold items--also nice!

g said...

How exciting - wishing you good luck & lots of sales!

Anna said...

Sweet items! I'm so close to following suit myself. Doesn't it sound dreamy to have income to cover craft expenses? Since I'm not selling anything on etsy (yet) I thought I would point you to a couple of my favorite sellers:


Emily said...

You do lovely work. Good luck with the shop!

Rebekah said...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and pointing me to other stores.


supersue said...

there is something so lovely about vintage style embroidery. your pieces are beautiful! good luck with the Etsy store. love your blog too, I'm going to add you to my blogroll.