Friday, February 4, 2011

New Hair and Some Embroidery

Well?I have been playing around with the idea of dying my hair a wonderful red for some time and last night it was now or never.  It is a L'oreal Dark Auburn and I am in love with it.

I was hesitant only because the last time I dyed my hair red I was 17 or 18 and my friend Gary and I shared a bottle and we both of kind had that red clown look.  You know the one where people shy away from you thinking you are a crazy escape clown from the freak circus.  This time luckily was different and it is a lot darker than I thought it would be but still good.  Here is my original color.

Brian actually likes it and he helped me dye the back of my hair, which was surprising because whenever I keep my original brown he can not wait for me to go back to blonde they way he married me.  As the years have progress my hair keeps getting darker and the blonde is to harder to keep up on and very damaging to my already fine limp hair.  What do you all think?

Here is some embroidery that I said I would share with you.  It is a Vogart 678 Happy Fruits.  I used the Aunt Martha towels I found at Hobby Lobby.  (Yes we finally got a Hobby Lobby here in December!)  These are wonderful towels to embroidery on and have a fun vintage look with stripes down the side.   I highly recommend them.
Picture 040

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


june at noon said...

I think the color looks great! I have dark hair, and I'm always afraid of that purplish-red color that I see on dark-haired people. Yours is fantastic!

Dawn/wolfmom2ac said...

I love the color of your hair and the style that you have! It looks wonderful!!

Glenda said...

I love the color!! It looks so nice with your skin tone. I actually think it's more flattering than the blonde color -- there's more contrast b/t the auburn & your skin tone. Cute cute cute!!

Cute tea towels. Did you make them to keep? I've stitched on those Aunt Martha towels before & sure like the weave & thickness. And "woot!" about Hobby Lobby coming to your town =).

Rebekah said...

Thanks everyone. So far it has been a hit besides my Dad who does not like change and does not like this color. Oh well he does not like my nose ring either.

My hair just have just a slight purple hue to it but it will fade even thought I do kind of like it purplish.

Glenda - I have listed the Aunt Martha towel ones in my shop and the other two I have kept for myself. I have quite a few dishtowels already I do not need any more of those or my hand knit dishcloths either. It is nice to have a Hobby Lobby but it is still 40 miles away but closer than several states.

Lody said...

Pretty hair color!

I've never tried dying my hair ever - always been black - but I gotta admit that there are times I wanna try a colorful one.:) I have an almost butt length straight hair, which DH love the way it is. LOL