Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Embroidery, Cookies, and Knitting Oh My!

First Knitted Item

Out of celebration for my first knitting project I thought cookies where in order (I might have just wanted cookie, but I will never tell). One year and a month after I took a knitting class I finished my first project. It is a scarf for me. Can you believe it? I am actually keeping something for myself.

I am so happy I love it and just want to tell everyone I meet that I knit this. Since I do not want everyone in this small town to think I am crazy I have restrained myself and decided to bake cookies to show my scarf how much I love it hence the hearts.

Now, I never said I was a great decorator. So this is about the best I will do on a work night and on the spur of the moment (ok probably with lots of planning this is still the best). They are a regular sugar cookie with cherry almond frosting.

I can not wait until tomorrow to eat them. I never eat sugar cookies on the day I make them I let the frosting harden a bit then I put them in my cake saver and let them sit there overnight and the next morning the softest cookies you have ever eaten. Tomorrow will not come soon enough.

I have been experimenting with onesies. I know I have done several and at one point I swore I would not do another one but, I was looking through all my blanks to embroider on and this popped out and I thought hey there has to be a way to actually make the onesie look finished. I am still not sure if I like this or if it looks finished. I am still in the not sure phase. What do you guys think? I have a couple of friends having babies this year so this will probably be a present for one of them if I like it.
Well off to bed I am babbling.



g said...

I think the onesie looks great! {I've never done one...too afraid of the stretchy material}

Jenne said...

I find the best way to make a onesie feel finished is to add something to the rear...it kind of ties it all together, and the parent's are always delighted by the little surprise.

Drewzel said...

I think the onesie looks great too! But like jenne said, a little extra face or flower embroidered on the rump would be super cute!

Jacklyn said...

I like the color combination. I think it looks great! Onesies are so hard to stitch on! You did a great job.

Rebekah said...

Thanks everyone. The stretchy material is not that bad. I just make sure to not pull it to tight and of course wash it before hand.

Jenne - Thanks I will for sure do something cute on the bum.