Friday, October 12, 2007

A Mouse in the House

I will set the scene for you. I had just finished an embroidery project and sitting on the couch all relaxed and watching Ugly Betty. When all of the sudden our cat lunges at the table, then starts to walk towards us and well .... can you guess what it was?

She had a small mouse in her mouth after we saw that T springs to action and try to get the cat to go outside then she drops the mouse and I go running into the dining room and right up on top of one of the chairs. I was screaming bloody murder and refusing to go back into the living room. As you might image T just starts laughing and laughing. You know how girls are when hysterical do not ever laugh that makes us worse. After the laughter died down he swore he would protect me from the little mouse. I slowly got off the chair and ran to the bedroom promptly closed the door and finished watching Ugly Betty and then put on my boots grabbed a broom and went into the living room ready to get that mouse out of our house.

I swear we must have been a sight me screaming and waving the broom and T lifting the couch and yelling get it get it. We did not get it. We set a trap last night and still nothing this morning so I am hoping by the time I get home it is taken care of and I can relax and enjoy my Friday night.



Vessehune said...

It still makes me giggle thinking about when you dropped the broom and ran!! :)

soo-zah-nah said...

Hi I don't know you...but I laughed when I came across your blog and saw this because I had a very similar experience a few months ago...I promise, eventually you get over the creepy feeling! You can read my sad story at