Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Thunder Storms

I love summer thunder storms! I could sit here all night and watch the lightening and listen to the thunder. I wish I could capture this with my camera and show you, instead I will show you what I have been up.

Bee tote bag

Last year I spent most of it not embroidering but collecting things to embroider on and embroidery patterns. So this year I decided I really should use all those patterns and materials. I have this bee fabric that was just dieing to be a lining for a tote bag and it also gave me a chance to use one of my vintage patterns.

Bee tote bag
This pattern is a Vogart 293. This was the first Vogart pattern I ever bought I just loved all the bees. I hope you will enjoy this pattern.

Vogart 293-2

What have you been up to?



barncat said...

That's a great idea, use all those things I've collected! I love your tote, that bee pattern is adorable!

sewitsforyou said...

so very cute..we could all use totes..

Allie said...

That is absolutely darling! I'm terrified of bees, but these sure are cute - maybe if I carried around a tote with that on it, they'd leave me alone? LOL.
I love summer thunderstorms too, unless the power goes out!

Rebekah said...

Allie, I am scared of wasps but not Honey Bees. I found honey bees interesting. I love to watch them collect pollen from my flowers.