Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Break from Embroidery

I have been on a non-stop whirlwind of embroidery goodness and my arm was like what are you doing? Here is how the conversation went

Arm: I am tired of all this embroidery it is getting boring.
Me: WHAT!? How can you be bored of embroidery
Arm: I just am let's do something else
Me: HMMM. Ok we can make a pincushion
Arm: Alright
Me: Excellent!
Arm: Wait! I think I was tricked it is still a craft project.
Me: Oh well you agreed. hehe.

I do often have conversations with the cat and dog but this was a first with a body part.


I bought Quilts n' More magazine for only one reason and that was to make the pincushion featured on the front page. That was sometime this summer and I never got around to it. I took the suggest break and made the little guy. It was so much fun I kind of wonder why I did not do that earlier. Ever have that why did I not do this sooner? What kept me from finishing it?

I keep thinking of who I can give it to but my hubby said I need to keep it for myself. I guess I will just have to make more and put them on Christmas presents as tags. I think that would be cute and embroider their names on them. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Ha! my husband is constantly asking me to make things for our house instead of giving them all away!but then he always aids and abets my swaps...

Mave (lucky recipient of awesome ornament)

Rebekah said...

My hubby want me to make him shirts all the time. He has like 4more planned poor guy will have to wait for the new year.