Friday, September 28, 2007

Tour of the Towels

It is underway and I have done 2 towels so far. Now I am just waiting for my next towel to be sent to me. everyone is doing such a wonderful job you should go check it out. Craftsters

I am almost done with my button swap I just can not decide what to do for my final button I thought I finished it but I did not like it. I hope to be done this weekend and get it sent off and be done then I can sit back and wait until October 15th to get 5 new buttons.

Last weekend we took our new trailer camping to Ohanapecosh in Mt. Rainier State Park. It was so beautiful there and cold is was getting in the low 30's at night. The worst part of the trip was forgetting my camera. Otherwise I would be showing you wonderful pictures of Mt. Rainier.

The old girl held up and now we are thinking about how we want to paint it and decorate it. It should be a fun project for winter. I will let you all know how we are doing.


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