Thursday, June 16, 2011

No more needle point.... for now.

I finally gave up on my adventures in needlepoint.   I just can not get into it right now.  I am pretty sure it is because it limits what stitches I can do and what colors because it is painted on the canvas.  I decided to take a long  break from it and do some embroidery since it has been awhile since I did a project just for the fun of it and not to give as a gift or make for others to give.

I was having so much fun that I stayed up late and finally made myself go to bed around 1:30 am because I needed to work the next day.  Now all I want is it to be lunch time so I can finish and start on the next napkin.    I am still unsure on the blue and white flowers.  I think I should fill them in but then I like that it is simple.  The bottom heart will be all filled in pink on the outside and red in the center.  I will have to decided once the heart is finished.  Any suggestions?

Edited to add this is a Vogart 261 pattern from my collection.


Miss Pixie said...

It is looking lovely. Personally I would fill the white and leave the blue :)

I really like the heart though!

Seryna said...

I like the idea of filling in the blue. The pink and blue will look so striking.