Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tea Towel Tour V

The best gals embroidered towelThe tea towel has been going on since September this year.  I was not able to actually participate this go around because I knew I would be to busy. 

I did instead agree to be a group leader.  It was fun as always and the gallery is fantastic.    My group was winding down and I was a bit sad that I did no participate in the swap, well sulky is more like it.  A couple of days ago I got the best package in the mail.  The ladies in my swap all decided to send a towel around for me.  They are fantastic!!  I thought I would share their lovely embroidery.  Did you by any chance notice they all have bees in the theme.  It really is the best!

I only know two people that did the embroidery so far.  I do hope they will let me know which ones they did so that way I can give them credit. 

Hope you are all enjoying your last week before Christmas. 



IamSusie said...

It's wonderful! How great that they did a towel for you!

SewAmy said...

your towel turned out so cute.