Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dishcloths Galore!

Picnik collage
This summer I was on a knitted dishcloth kick. I could not make enough of these little guys. I even joined a couple of swaps just to get more. They are a little like chips you can not just have one. I made a lot more than I have taken pictures of. I gave them all away to family and now they want more. They can not seem to get enough of them either. My favorite one is the penguin one.

It is an inside joke with T and I. Whenever we see a penguin he has to say look honey a penguin. When we lived over in Seattle and he was working out at Microsoft he traveled a lot and I was home alone a lot. I wrote a short story about a penguin and his adventures. (Do not ask about the story it was rotten but kept me occupied. I did not know about embroidery then so I was bored a lot). We had only been married a year and he thought I must love penguins so he was getting me penguin stuff and showing me penguin stuff all the time. I finally told him I do not like penguins that much and we laughed so hard it was so funny. So now he is like look honey a penguin. I do like penguins more now than then.

So what kinds of things can you not get enough of?


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My 1st Bambina ! said...

Those are lovely dish cloths... I can see why your family/relatives will want more and more !

The penguin story is a good one... lol !

I can't get enough of (at the moment): Baklava, hot tea/cocoa and craft books...(though I'm trying to control myself really bad, but what can a girl do when she sees something like this: ... ? ).