Thursday, January 24, 2008

A hat for Julia

Julia asked me to make her a hat for her birthday next month and she sent me this picture.

After seeing the picture I hunted for a week and could not come up with a pattern either for free or to buy. So I was starting to sweat a bit since I said "sure Julia Aunt Bekah can make that for you" (before I actually saw it). Oh, the stupid things we do for our loved ones. Well after freaking out a bit T turns to me and is like you can figure it out I have faith in you (he is so sweet that way). So you be the judge and tell me if it makes the cut.

Crochet hat
I made 5 motifs and then sewed it into a hat. It actually has been very fun. I did a lot of hit and miss several bad ones and several froggings and some just throwing out what I made but finally at least I think success. Pardon, the blue Yoga Booty Ballet ball it was the smallest one I could find in the house.

I am hoping to be more productive and doing things more in advance this year than last year. Right now I am off to a good start. I have finished this project two weeks early for her birthday and I already have half a knitted scarf done which is amazing since I knit slow and have only finished a knitted dishcloth and nothing else since I took a knitting class last January. The scarf is for me (how selfish is that).

What kind of goal in your crafting life have you made this year. I would love to hear about it.



Anonymous said...

Hey Bee!

Cool about the hat. My goal this year is to work on some more complicated embroidery projects. I have craft ADD and I like quick projects but it is hard to hone your skills when you don't up the time commitment now and then. Specifically, I want to work on shading something with floss and liking it (I have tried shading but I generally think it looks terrible).

All my best,

Rebekah said...

So have you bought that embroidery book suggested on crafters? I found a used one on eBay cheap. I love it but it seems a bit intimidating I do hope to get up the nerve to start soon.

Anonymous said...

I looked it up and put it on my amazon list next order that baby is mine but I'll have to check ebay -nothing is ever much of a deal when it has to come to Canada ;)