Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Workbasket: Dutch Boy and Girl

Dutch Boy and Girl
Happy Ground Hog day everyone.  I really did try to find a ground hog transfer but I do not have one.  I do hope you will enjoy this little Dutch Boy and Girl better.

I think it would be so cute just all done in blue.  My Mother in Law and one of my Sister in Laws love these patterns I do see a set of them in their future for Christmas. 



Anonymous said...

I have this Dutch girl pattern but have never seen this with the boy!! Wow!!! So cute!

Mary Corbet said...

These are So Cute! I, too, have seen the little girl (there's one of them embroidered on my website somewhere!) but have never seen the boy! Really cute, and I agree - perfect to work in blue.

Thanks for the pattern!

Unknown said...

I found your blog while searching for the Little Dutch Boy and Dutch Girl seven days of the week dishtowel embroidery series that I grew up with. Onward with the search but I'm definitely happy to have found what you have here. Thanks for the share!